Sunday, June 11, 2017

Charlotte Hubbard allows us once again to visit Promise Lodge! A refuge for all!!

"Weddings at Promise Lodge"
    By Charlotte Hubbard


Founded by the three Bender sisters, the Amish community of Promise Lodge is thriving—and growing. In fact, residents are thrilled to welcome a charismatic new arrival—one who may not just strengthen their faith, but put it to the test . . .

When Christine Bender meets widowed Bishop Monroe Burkholder, it’s love at first sight. But Preacher Amos finds him too good to be true, and is determined to find out what’s behind his sudden, unannounced arrival. Still, the colony needs a new bishop, and everyone is excited to have a younger, more progressive leader. As for Christine, Monroe returns her affection, but her bubble is soon burst with the arrival of a young woman half his age . . .

Leola Duff claims Monroe “ruined” her and she now intends to make an honest man of him. But throughout the process of discovering the truth, Christine never doubts that Monroe is the fine man she believes him to be—and never wavers in her faith that all will work out as it should. And when Monroe is forced to confess the truth before the entire congregation, he can only pray that open hearts and minds will prevail, allowing him a future at Promise Lodge—with Christine . . .

My Thoughts:

Charlotte Hubbard has once again written a true winner in Amish fiction. When this book arrived in my mailbox, I eagerly ripped open the parcel , so that I could once again reconnect with all of my friends at Promise Lodge, plus possibly meet some new ones. This is a continuation of a series taking place in a place that I would love to visit, a lodge in peaceful surroundings, filled with loving friends. Anyone is welcome, as long as they stick to Christian values. This is not to say, that this is a place without its problems and challenges!! We all realise that even the most beautiful environments have their share of problems!. 

The characters in this book are believable and so realistically described that they  pull you into their lives from the very first page. The  reader walks alongside them as they encounter problems, endure many struggles,  but overcome their hardships through their love of their Lord and His ability to heal. Second chances and new beginnings are the underlying theme throughout this tale. 

The plot moves quickly and steadily keeping one totally engaged, with the frequent twists and unexpected turns . As I read, I was never quite sure what new challenges would appear just as everyone's lives were taking a turn for the better. 

Of course, who doesn't love a story about weddings??? This is the season! If you love the Amish genre as I do, don't miss this book! It is a sweet romance that will leave you examining your own faith , long after finishing the book. 

This book was received as a gift. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

To be released on June 27th.

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